14 day plan to create resilience & relevance in your business right now with my good friend and marketing genius Jimmy Rutkowsky!

  1. Presence – Creating on online presence for your brand has always been important, and when it comes to being present for your audience it’s more crucial than ever. In this current climate people are looking for that deep connection on a human level and we’re going to share a few tips on how to create that. Entertainment & engagement should be the cornerstones of your content while consistently highlighting Value and Empathy. I really recommend going live, even if its something you’ve never done before. Some tools that really help with creating your planned presence include post planner & Spout social. Post planner comes with social cues to help prompt you when creating posts, it also helps you to know what topics are trending. If you are sharing current events, or what you’re hearing on the news try to stick to positive and uplifting topics to chat about.
  2. Become an open ear to your audience. In the process of creating your presence and creating a posting plan, make sure you’re asking open ended questions to better understand your audiences needs.
  3. Creating solutions and being ready to pivot. I think thats really the basis of what business is right?! Finding a problem and coming forward with a solution. As things are changing so rapidly in the world it’s important to be able to pivot to meet your audiences current needs. When it really comes down to it we are all here to make a connection and make a difference in peoples lives. One example of this is a friend of mine who owns a candy store, they pivoted by obviously offering digital and drive through sales. Then they took it a step further by creating an fun activity kit for all of the parents at home doing distance learning with their kids.
  4. Create lead magnets and content based on your audience’s needs in minds. Take the content and the pain points your audience is giving to you, and work to create solutions for them. By giving people a resource that they can use now, when they’re ready for a product or service you’re the one they go back to. It’s essential to create that everlasting touch.
  5. Ads
  6. Building an email list
  7. Rinse and repeat those steps as the times change

Written by : molly7725

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